Relying on strong R & D and comprehensive technical ability, we will make full use of computer software and human resources, create an open, flexible, flexible and safe design outsourcing platform in the glove industry, and build a new ecological environment with multi win cooperation.


Gloves Design

Gloves style design, you say the idea I come to achieve.
The following services are included:
1. glove samples (paid)
2. material consumption
3. gloves model
4. reference quotation
5. supplier information
6. processors of information
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Gloves pattern

1. to map a 2. to 3. ideas a sample sheet
The following services are included:
1. gloves sample (paid),
2. material consumption,
3. gloves template.
4. reference price
5. supplier information
6. processors of information

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Gloves Choose

Special fabric development,
New fabric application,
Looking for common fabrics,
Stable supply system.
Come to the map as much as
possible to help you look for it.
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Gloves Answer

Answers to glove related questions
1. company operation problems
2. production problems
3. research and development issues
4. gloves model problem
5. search for suppliers
6.Looking for a factory
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Our advantages



In 1 days, the gloves are made, and the corresponding materials are collected within 1 hours. In the case of 1 pictures, the gloves can be hit. After 1 telephone communication, the gloves can be designed, the gloves are sent out within 1 weeks, and 1 copies of the material use table are provided before sending out, and the material supplier contacts 1 copies before being sent out.



  • 1. save personnel costs.
  • 2. save a time.
  • 3. save time for finding material.
  • 4. save time.
  • 5. save the R & D cycle.



  • Innovative and innovative for style.
  • Innovation to reflect function.
  • Innovating for the convenience of production.
  • Innovation for high added value.



A highly encrypted board system (Gerber CAD) is used to serve a business or personal team without any way to transfer without the premise of a cryptographic dog.

Before cooperation, we need to sign confidentiality agreements. If there are photos, templates and other related information, the team is willing to take legal liability.

Free consultation

There is no wealth greater than wisdom, nor greater poverty than ignorance.

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Team founder



Team founder

SAM profile: in 2002, he was engaged in the glove industry, and he knew how to print, SONIC high frequency, TPR adhesive, fabric, leather, tailoring and sewing.

He is good at the design of gloves model products, has written “zero base glove production” books, and has also trained a large number of gloves production personnel. So far, it has also taught the technique of producing gloves model.

The new glove template is patent No. 2017107499387: design trademark: YESGLOVE trademark: KEEPTA.


Team propaganda film

YESGLOVE work together with the ``MAOPIAN`` team to create brilliance

In order to popularize the technology of glove template, the founder and MAOPIAN drama group created this short film as propaganda.

Pattern grading

Utilize Illustrator Pattern grading

In order to facilitate more people to learn the knowledge of glove templates, the founder recorded the tutorial of gloves template expansion using AI software. I hope you can enjoy it. More details can be paid to the official WeChat public.

New materials we use

XRD shock absorbing material

A new shock absorbing and shock absorbing material made in USA, which has good elasticity and absorbency.

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