Answers to glove related questions

We answer the question about gloves for you.
First. The problem of company operation
Site selection of 1. companies
2. operation process
3. personnel management
Two. Production problems
1. procurement
2. cutting
3. sewing
4. packing
Three. Research and development problems
1. research and development direction
2. style positioning
3. to draw up the unit price
Four. The problem of gloves model
Five. Search for suppliers
1. material suppliers
2. two processing suppliers

Product / service features:

  • One. Company operation problem; service cost: 500 yuan
  • Two. Production problem; service cost: 500 yuan
  • Three. R & D problem; R & D cost: 800 yuan
  • Four. Sample problem of gloves; service cost: 1000 yuan
  • Five. Search for suppliers; service cost: 200 yuan