Glove pattern

In order to better export the glove template designer, our team pays for the training of the glove template designer.
The training costs are as follows:
Lifetime membership: 50 thousand yuan.
Single product member: 30 thousand yuan.
The annual membership is 20 thousand yuan (one can learn any kinds of gloves in a year).
If you need to study, please contact us.

1. package annual service: one year, according to the requirement, we make the model 100 sets of the inner model, and the service charge is 50 thousand yuan.
2. single product service: to map, sample 1 a set of ideas; service fee: 2 thousand yuan
3., the service process: using communication tools to provide YESGLOVE team with the idea of design information.

Product / service features:

  • Gloves samples: if we want to make gloves samples, we need to provide the corresponding cost. For example, fabric, printing, high frequency wave, adhesive tape and so on.
  • Material consumption: free of charge
  • Gloves model: free of charge
  • Reference quotation: free of charge
  • Supplier information: free of charge
  • Business information: Free